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  Frequently Asked Questions      

1. What is is Free Gaming Site where anyone can play Free games by becoming member or as a guest. Registered users can earn Eggs by playing games and those eggs can be redeemed after reaching 100k eggs.

2. What are "Eggs" shown in the counter?

"Eggs" refer to the game points you earned by playing Egglad games

3. How do I earn "Eggs"?

By playing the free Egglad games you can gain game score which will then automatically convert to Eggs. Due to different skill levels and complexities, has developed a conversion system that standardizes exchange of score of different games to Eggs. Alternatively, you will be credited with extra Eggs by referring friends to sign up as new members, achieving high rankings in featured games, or taking part in other designated programs.

4. If I get high score in a game, then does it mean that I get more Eggs?

This depends. If the game you have completed is a difficult one, then you earn more Eggs. If not, you earn less comparatively.

5. When will my Eggs can be redeemed?

You can redeem your eggs after reaching 100,000 eggs.

6. How does Ranking work on

We run stats of all members, including yours. By keeping track of your game score and Eggs/Chicks, your daily, weekly and monthly performances are visualized in various charts. You may choose to compare your rankings against any member on your friends list and check your personal rankings in each game. Top 10 players and their total Chicks are also shown in this section.

7. How do I refer my friends?

Go to My Account > My Referrals. Type in your friends' email addresses or import from external address books. Every successful registration under your name will reward you with 500 Eggs immediately.

8. What are Challenges? has developed a secure, one-on-one Challenge gaming platform to permit members to play their favourite games against others in bid to double their Eggs.
To initiate a Challenge, the Challenger finishes a game and post it for open challenge, bets Eggs, and sets a valid period, during which both opponents of the Challenge can play the game for unlimited times. The highest score submitted by the deadline determines the winner, and all betted Eggs goes to the winning side.

9. How do I create Challenges?

Go to "Challenges", click on the tab "Create New", select a game from the pull-down menu, and enter Eggs to be betted. Then click on "Start My Challenge". Click on the tab "Open", and you should be able to view that your Challenge is now on.
Select a game to play. Before you get the game started, click on the "Challenge" tab under the game frame and enter Eggs to be betted. Your top score within the day will be recorded and set as the competing score against others who dare to take on your Challenge.

10. How do I accept Challenges?

Go to "Challenge". Click on the tab "Open". Choose a game open for Challenge (with betted Eggs shown), and click on the text link "Accept". Once accepted, your Chicks will be deducted. Your highest score of the selected game within the day will be submitted to determine who wins, and all betted Chicks will go to the winning side.

11. For how long my Challenge is valid?

When creating your Challenge, it is up to you to decide how many days your Challenge is valid. The maximum period allowed is one week.

12. Suppose that I have accepted a Challenge and beaten my opponent. Does it mean I have won the Challenge?

Not necessarily. The Challenger still stands the chance to win as he may submit a higher score before the Challenge expires. Whoever obtains the highest score before the last moment, who wins.

13. How do I add my friends to

You are encouraged to refer your friends to sign up. Go to "My Account" and click on "My Referrals". Type in the email addresses and names of your friends to be invited. There is no limit to the number of invitations, and each successful referral is rewarded with 500 Eggs.

14. Do I have to install any software/hardware?

Most of our games are written in Macromedia Flash. If you haven't yet installed it, please go to to download and install. We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer and have your speakers on at all times.

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